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Toyota Camry, Honda CR-V Remain Bestsellers in February

March 5, 2015

No surprise here: the Toyota Camry mid-size sedan and the Honda CR-V crossover were the U.S. sales leaders of their respective segments in February. While the bestsellers are not surprising, some movements within the sales charts are.

The Camry remained the top-selling mid-size car last month with 32,942 units sold. In second place was the Nissan Altima, which moved 28,474 units. The third spot belonged to the Ford Fusion with total deliveries of 22,732. The Chrysler 200 closed out the top five with 15,805 units delivered to customers last month. The Hyundai Sonata placed sixth with 13,987 units sold.

The Honda Accord, the former second placer dethroned by the Altima in January, landed in the number four position. Honda sold 21,616 Accords last month. The decline is unusual for the Accord, which was a consistent strong seller. It is possible that sales of the mid-size sedan were affected by the West Coast ports labor dispute, which caused Honda to trim production last month.

On the bottom half of the mid-size sedan chart were the Chevrolet Malibu (13,971 units), Kia Optima (11,584 units), Volkswagen Passat (6,309 units), Mazda6 (5,064 units) and Subaru Legacy (4,342 units). The discontinued Dodge Avenger placed last with 219 units sold.

Meanwhile, the Honda CR-V ruled the crossover category in February with 22,298 units sold. The former third placer, the Toyota RAV4, was in the second spot with 21,943 units. The Chevrolet Equinox was the bestselling American CUV on the list—it landed in third place with 21,723 deliveries. Another Japanese crossover, the Nissan Rogue, found itself in the top five. There were 21,419 Rogues moved off dealer lots last month.

The ranking of the Ford Escape is the most surprising of all. The Blue Oval’s crossover fell from number two in January to number five last month. The Escape failed to hit the 21,000 sales mark, with only 20,915 Escapes finding homes.

The Jeep Cherokee came at a distant sixth with 14,026 units sold. It was followed by the Subaru Forester with 11,459 deliveries. On the bottom of the top 10 were the GMC Terrain (10,859 units), the outgoing Jeep Patriot (10,280 units) and the Mazda CX-5 (7,445 units).

Subaru sold only 7,445 examples of its XV Crosstek while Jeep only delivered 4,669 Compass CUVs to new owners. Hyundai sold 3,869 units of its Tucson model while Kia moved 3,407 Sportages off dealer lots.

Still on the bottom three of the CUV sales chart were the Nissan Juke (2,183 units), the Volkswagen Tiguan (1,819 units) and the Mini Countryman/Paceman (1,001 units).

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