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Car Oil Change – Do It Yourself

Mar 12, 2014No Comments4112 Views

Getting your oil changed is something that the pros promise they can do in a jiffy, however, with every three thousand miles you drive, the


Clear Coat Thoughts for Modern Automobiles

Mar 12, 2014No Comments1674 Views

Sunlight problems from ultra violet are getting worse now due to lessening of the Ionosphere from natural pollution, green house or so we have been


Used Cars Lemon Law

Mar 12, 20142 Comments4291 Views

In 1982, California became the first state to pass an automobile “lemon law” which gave owners of defective cars the opportunity to seek a replacement


Five Steps to a Cleaner Engine

Mar 12, 2014No Comments2218 Views

There are some good reasons why you should clean the engine compartment of your vehicle periodically. For one thing, it makes it easier to see