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Apple CEO Tim Cook: More Than 40 Car Models...

Mar 11, 2015No Comments7383 Views

Apple Inc. held its “Spring Forward” press event to debut its upcoming Apple Watch and offer updates on its existing products. While the spotlight may

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Acura Adds Safety Technologies to the 2016 ...

Mar 10, 2015No Comments6659 Views

Honda Motor Co.’s Acura has made some notable improvements on its RLX sedan, especially when it comes to safety. The luxury brand made its flagship

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Goodyear Brings Electricity-Generating, Sel...

Mar 09, 2015No Comments5117 Views

As a major auto show, the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show was expected to showcase a number of cool car concepts. Much to the surprise

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Self-Driving Cars Could Reduce Accidents, A...

Mar 06, 2015No Comments4012 Views

Are self-driving cars safer? A new study reported by the Wall Street Journal suggests an affirmative answer. According to the most recent study of McKinsey

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Audi to Bring Wireless Connectivity to Almo...

Mar 05, 2015No Comments4705 Views

Volkswagen AG’s flagship brand Audi announced that it will bring wireless connectivity to almost all of its 2016 models. It has enlisted the help of

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AT&T Digital Life Links Connected Car ...

Mar 04, 2015No Comments4809 Views

Most companies, like automakers, deliver connected cars. Others, like AT&T, go a step further. The telecommunications company has existing connected car technology as well as

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Ford Introduces A Cleanup System for Backup...

Mar 03, 2015No Comments2458 Views

Backup cameras seem simple compared to other car technologies found in today’s models, but these are in no way less important than their more advanced

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Car Tech Causes Frustration, Upgrade Envy

Mar 02, 2015No Comments2457 Views

According to the recently released Annual Vehicle Dependability Study from J.D. Power and Associates, in-car technology is a common source of frustration for car owners.

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Japan’s Big Three Work Together in Se...

Feb 27, 2015No Comments2287 Views

In a time when every automaker seems to be racing to put self-driving cars on the road, it is easy to assume that it is

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Auto Tech Has Strong Influence on Car-Buyin...

Feb 26, 2015No Comments2312 Views

In-car technologies like mobile phone connection and voice commands are desirable elements in most vehicles today. In fact, a recent study from J.D. Power shows