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AT&T Digital Life Links Connected Car to the Connected Home

March 4, 2015

Most companies, like automakers, deliver connected cars. Others, like AT&T, go a step further. The telecommunications company has existing connected car technology as well as a connected home platform. The company recently integrated the two together.

AT&T is the company behind AT&T Drive, a global connected car platform that benefits a number of automakers. This platform provides different companies a wide selection of connected car solutions, including infotainment and data analytics. Because AT&T Drive allows each automaker to have a customized set of solutions, no two companies have the exact same offerings in terms of connected car technologies.

With AT&T Drive, people can do a number of things behind the wheel, such as get navigation instructions, check traffic situations at real time, seek roadside assistance and stream music. But the company wanted to allow people to do even more. AT&T wanted people to be able to manage their homes away from home through their cars. This eventually led to the integration of AT&T Digital Life.

AT&T Digital Life is “a home management system,” as the company calls it. Introduced in 2013, the home security and automation system allows people to actually manage their homes remotely. In this case, management means controlling the lighting, adjusting the thermostat, switching on and switching off lights and appliances, as well as boosting the security of the house (by locking doors, among other things). The basic package consists mostly of sensors, and homeowners have the option to upgrade the system with additional features. It was basically designed to give homeowners peace of mind by offering a convenient way to monitor their residences.

AT&T recently integrated Digital Life into its Drive platform, so motorists will be able to manage their homes in the comfort of their connected vehicles. The AT&T Digital Life app can be accessed through the vehicle’s touchscreen display (as seen in the image above) or through voice recognition.

AT&T brings connectivity to a whole new level by bringing together the car and home. In a time when people are all about connectivity, the company’s move is guaranteed to be a hit. Right now, many consumers choose vehicles based on their technology offerings, and this is an offering that will certainly be appealing to homeowners.

Homeowners who are interested to check out how the system works can visit the AT&T Drive Studio in Atlanta or drop by the Connected Home area in the Mobile World Congress’s Innovation City.

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