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Apple CEO Tim Cook: More Than 40 Car Models To Offer CarPlay This Year

March 11, 2015

Apple Inc. held its “Spring Forward” press event to debut its upcoming Apple Watch and offer updates on its existing products. While the spotlight may have been on the soon-to-be-released wearable technology, the event also directed attention to another much-awaited Apple creation—the CarPlay.

The tech giant introduced CarPlay about a year ago, but there has been no word on when the automotive infotainment software will arrive in production models—until now. The iPhone users who have been waiting to find the system in dashboards will be happy to know that they need not wait much longer: Apple CEO Tim Cook announced at the event that CarPlay will be available in more than 40 new models that will be arriving by the end of the year.

Cook also disclosed that every major auto brand has committed to rolling out CarPlay in their vehicles. However, he did not name the automakers that will be bringing the operating system to their vehicles, nor did he specify the models that will feature it. It has been confirmed that Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari will install CarPlay in their dashboards, while it was also previously revealed that the all-new Volvo XC90 SUV will deliver the technology.

One major automaker that is not committed to offering CarPlay is the world’s largest. Toyota Motor Corp. will not feature Apple’s in-dash technology in any of its new models anytime soon. John Hanson, the automaker’s technology communications manager, told The New York Times last month that the company will use its own software for now. Hanson did hint Toyota may eventually install CarPlay in the future, but right now the company prefers to use its own in-dash system.

Having Apple CarPlay in the dashboard is a treat for iPhone users, as the system allows them an easy way to use the beloved smartphone while in the vehicle. Basically, CarPlay lets the individual use the iPhone while driving without actually touching or looking at the device. The software allows the person behind the wheel to access what is in his or her iPhone through the in-car display. He or she can make calls, send and receive messages, get navigation instructions and listen to music without taking the eyes off the road.

Unfortunately, Cook did not mention anything about the rumored Apple self-driving electric car in the event. For some people, the only thing more exciting than having Apple technology in the car is driving an Apple-made car.

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