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Vauxhall Adam White – Smartphone on Wheels

April 15, 2014

In a time when all new cars are made to be better connected, one car tries to standout from the pack. How? By being a car that works like a smartphone.

One will find this car across the pond in the form of the limited edition Vauxhall Adam White. The vehicle is being marketed as ‘smartphone on wheels,’ and for a reason.

The impressive technology found on the Vauxhall Adam is the IntelliLink multimedia system. It is an all-in-one system that not only looks good, but is also easy to operate. IntelliLink can be controlled either through the 7-inch LCD color touchscreen or via the controls found in the steering wheel.

The system offers media playback as well as app support and connectivity. Through this, users can access songs, videos, photos and applications. Audio playback is possible through USB and Bluetooth devices as well as DAB radio. Of course, media playback can also be done via a compatible smartphone or tablet.

Currently, there are only two Internet radio apps and one navigation app. Users can stream audio with TuneIn Radio and Stitcher, while navigating the roads can be done with the assistance of BringGo.

The apps may be limited, but they are surely not lacking in terms of functionality. All that is needed to enable them is a smartphone to connect to the car. This Adam supports Apple iOS and Android devices alike. Interestingly, their modes of connection differ: iPhones should be connected via USB while Android devices must connect through Bluetooth.

No matter what kind of device is to be connected, the central touchscreen provides a high quality interface to enable the apps. However, users should not expect the screen to be similar to that of a mobile device—while functional, it is not as smooth as that found on handsets.

More good news for iPhone users: IntelliLink comes with Siri Eyes Free functionality. The car provides integrated support through the steering wheel controls, so users can manage all functionalities that need not be enabled by viewing the smartphone’s screen. While on the road, the user can open emails and have these read to them as well as compose their own messages through Siri.

What is remarkable is that using Siri on the car offers the same quality experience as using it on the iPhone. One would be impressed with how accurate the voice recognition tech is.

While the IntelliLink technology takes center stage, one should not forget that it is still a car. There is more to the car than the system it carries, no matter how notable it is. Fortunately, the Vauxhall Adam does not disappoint in other aspects.

The Adam White looks great both inside and out. It sports a cool-looking two-tone interior with Morrocana seats. As the name suggests, white is the dominant color—it is found in the steering wheel, gear stick, instrument panel and center console, among others. The Adam also features a brushed aluminum-effect front grille bar, and wheel clips in a striking white hue.

The car has great handling, but not power. Its 1.4-liter gasoline engine delivers a lackluster performance for a decent vehicle.

At the end of the day, the Vauxhall Adam White proves to be an alright ride equipped with cool technology. It features a system that may not be cutting-edge, but is surely appealing.

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