The UEV-490 Redefines What Off-Road Camper Trailers Should Be

May 2, 2014

Without a doubt, one’s off-road camping experience is significantly determined by the kind of camper trailer he or she is using. What a camper brings with him or her will affect just how pleasurable or unpleasant the trip will be. In the case of the technological marvel that is Conqueror Australia’s UEV-490, an amazing trip is almost immediately guaranteed. This camper trailer allows the user to enjoy the outdoors with the help of impressive amenities.

The UEV-490 is remarkable from the outside in. Its exterior reflects its durability while its customizable interior showcases luxurious functionality. Conqueror Australia was right in describing its half caravan half camper trailer as “military ruggedness meets 21st century comfort.”

The UEV-490 is as tough as it looks, but it is surprisingly lightweight. It benefits from a skeletal structure—the camper trailer is designed in such a way that it is made strong without being too heavy. It is without a shell made from or with plastic or fiberglass; rather, it is built with aluminum, steel and CNC manufactured panels. Though light, it offers the most protection from the elements, insects and animals. Users can expect military-grade quality from this product.

The “toughest trailer in the market” is clearly made for the off-road environment. Not only does it look like it belongs in the outdoors, but it is engineered to withstand conditions one would expect from severe surroundings. It is equipped with Conqueror’s patented independent suspension system, which comes complete with long coil springs and durable shock absorbers. This system is what makes the trailer ready for long trips even on the toughest terrain.

One thing that campers are bound to appreciate with the UEV-490 is the easy set-up. Users need not worry about setting up what seems to be a complicated camper trailer. All it takes are a few minutes to get everything ready. All the camper needs to do is pop open the hard roof, spread out the awning and tilt out the bed. However, the actual setup will depend entirely on what the user needs for a particular trip. The trailer itself can be modified according to the user’s needs.

The UEV-490 does offer everything campers will need in a trip, regardless if it is just an overnight excursion or a longer journey. It comes with luxuries such as diesel hot water system, interior heating, microwave, flat screen digital TV, surround sound stereo system, LED lights, interior fans and fridge/freezer. Campers also get more than enough storage for whatever they need to bring.

One of the most notable aspects of this camper trailer is the slide out kitchen. It comes complete with crockery and cutlery, as well as self-draining drawers for storage. It provides the necessities in a compact package.

Sleeping in this camper trailer also would not be a problem. The camper trailer comes with a double bed, which can be converted into two single beds or a dining area. The front section also provides another double bed.

Campers in the United States will be delighted to know that though this is made in and for Australia, Conqueror Australia made a model specifically for the U.S. market.

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