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Porsche GT3 Owners Get An Extra Year of Warranty

April 14, 2014

In February, Porsche issued a recall for 785 2014 911 GT3 sports cars because of a fire risk. Last month, the German brand announced that it will be replacing the engines of the affected units. In a letter to a customer, Porsche Cars North America Aftersales Vice President Tim Quinn identified the problem as a ‘loosened piston screw connection.’

Porsche has been dealing with the GT3 issue without much fanfare since then, and an update regarding its response to the problem only recently came to light through yet another letter.

Autoblog reported that Porsche sent a letter to give the GT3 owner an update on the fix. In the missive also signed by Quinn, it was said that the automaker is already in the last phase of “logistics planning and technical validation for the optimized piston rod screw connection.” The screw joint from the original engine could loosen and detach the connecting rod from the crankshaft, which may cause engine fire.

The letter also reveals that the production of the new engines will begin on April 22nd. The new batch will be distributed and installed to all 991-generation GT3 models manufactured so far.

The German automaker also assured the customer that the installation of the new engines will be documented and that it will give a certificate after the repairs have been completed.

However, the best news Porsche gives to the client is about the extended warranty. “As a gesture of our appreciation for your loyalty to Porsche, we will apply an additional 12-month Porsche Approved warranty to your 991 GT3 which will commence upon the expiration of the normal Porsche New Vehicle Limited Warranty,” it said.

The fire risk has prompted Porsche to instruct owners of the affected GT3 cars to stop driving the vehicles for the meantime. The Stuttgart, Germany-based carmaker knows the no-driving order is an inconvenience to its customers, which is why it is extending assistance through the GT3 Concierge.

“Our GT3 Concierge will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the specifics and will also be at your service for any other individual assistance you may need,” it said in the letter.

Porsche is dealing with a recall of its own in a time when recalls have been grabbing the headlines. However, its recall seem minor compared to the issue of the hour—the General Motors’ massive recall due to faulty ignition switches. GM’s recall is controversial enough to overshadow the bigger recall that followed it, which was issued by Toyota. Regardless of the scope of Porsche’s recall, one thing is certain: considering the letter sent to its customers, it seems like the carmaker is addressing the problem well by keeping its customers updated with the progress.

In other news, Motor Authority has reported that McLaren Automotive is using the 911 GT3 as the touchstone of its upcoming supercar. The car, which is code-named ‘P13,’ is an entry level model which will be produced next year. The P13 concept will be available later this year.

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