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Mercedes-Benz Unveils ‘Mercedes Me’ at Geneva

March 13, 2014

Mercedes-Benz intended to do more than show its stunning cars at the Geneva Motor Show. Before the auto show even started, the carmaker already launched its newest service brand—Mercedes me.

On the eve of the show’s first exhibition day, Mercedes-Benz debuted Mercedes me. With this service, the company seeks to bring together all of its services and make them easily accessible through a digital platform. The aim is to offer a premium brand experience to all customers, no matter what aspect of the automaker’s portfolio they are involved with.

According to Ola Källenius, marketing and sales board member at Mercedes-Benz, the goal of Mercedes me is to make “interaction with the world of Mercedes-Benz even more individual, transparent, attractive and convenient.”

The service brand has five distinct areas, all of which deal with the purchase and ownership of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. These are the following: mobility, connectivity, service, financing and inspiration. The areas are specifically called ‘move me,’ ‘connect me,’ ‘assist me,’ ‘finance me’ and ‘inspire me.’ Even individuals who do not own a Mercedes can utilize the service and interact with the brand.

‘Move me’ presents the mobility solutions offered by the automaker. These solutions include parking services, car-sharing services and taxi services. Park2gether is Mercedes’ parking service, while Car2Go is its car-sharing service. Those in need of a taxi can take advantage of the brand’s MyTaxi with the help of their smartphones.

‘Connect me’ provides a remote connectivity service. It enables Mercedes-Benz owners to always be connected to their vehicles and as a result, let them remotely access features related to their vehicles. For instance, the service will help the user locate where the vehicle is parked and allow him or her to turn on the heater prior to entering the vehicle.

‘Assist me’ offers personal and individual car servicing solutions. Through this area, the user can access a cost calculator and book an appointment online, among others.

As its name suggests, ‘finance me’ deals with the brand’s financing and provides all the available options. The user can find the financing option most suitable for his/her choice of vehicle and other needs. Service is not limited to financing, though—the user can also find insurance solutions.

Lastly, ‘inspire me’ allows a look into the future. Mercedes-Benz will be giving users a preview of what the future looks like for the brand through this service. It will gather information from many industry experts and present them to help make the brand’s products better in the future.

Mercedes me has its own website,, which will go live this summer.

Aside from the service brand, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new S-Class Coupe, which proved to be a big hit with the auto show’s attendees. The stunning car has an impressive design that is Mercedes’ trademark. The high-end coupe’s interior is similar to the S-Class sedan and includes a panoramic roof (complete with the automaker’s Magic Sky Control dimming feature) as well as an ‘active curve tilting function’ (which allows the vehicle to curve the same way a motorcycle rider does).

The S-Class that will be available in the United States is the S550 Coupe 4Matic with a 4.7 liter V8 engine. It will go on sale starting this fall.

Photo credit: Abdullah AlBargan/ Flickr/ CC BY-ND

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