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Ford’s New Stability Control Technology Lets the 2015 Focus Predict Spin-Outs

February 13, 2015

Why should you buy the 2015 Ford Focus? Ford Motor Co. gives one good reason to consider buying the compact car and this is the vehicle’s ability to predict spin-outs before they happen. Thanks to a special feature, any person driving the latest model of the Focus is less likely to lose control.

So what is this special feature? Ford calls it “enhanced transitional stability technology.” It benefits from an algorithm currently in use in the company’s Roll Stability Control feature.

The Focus is equipped with a stability control system that is different from those found in other vehicles. With the other stability control systems, drivers must lose control before the system reacts. The car must move out of line before the system can act and nudge it back in line. This is not the case with the Focus—the technology anticipates what could happen and makes sure that it does not happen.

David Messih, Ford North America Brake Controls manager, said in a statement that because the feature identifies the conditions that may result in a spin-out before an oversteer happens, it allows for a faster recovery in motion.

The technology works with the help of several sensors situated throughout the vehicle. These sensors monitor a number of things, such as vehicle speed as well as the position and turn rate of the steering wheel. The system considers these to determine if a spin-out is likely to happen, and if the inputs suggest that it is likely to happen, it takes over. It applies brakes to individual wheels to make sure the car remains where it should be.

The Focus’ stability control system does not only act fast; it also predicts what could happen in a very short amount of time. According to Ford, the feature can sense a potential spin-out by 100 to 200 milliseconds.

The unique stability technology makes the new Focus a much safer ride, and one need not pay extra to get it. It comes standard on the 2015 model.

The stability feature is but one of the standard safety features that come with the 2015 Focus. The car is also equipped with the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and a cross-traffic alert feature. The former utilizes radar sensors to detect vehicles coming from either side while the latter notifies the driver of vehicles that he or she may not see when backing out. There is also the rear view camera, which allows a better view of the area behind the vehicle.

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