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Chevrolet Boosts Silverado Incentives After Ram’s March Win

April 7, 2014

General Motors is not happy to settle with third place in the full-sized pickup race in March, so it is immediately taking action to secure its original spot in April.

Chevrolet has held the second place spot in the segment since Ford became number one in 1978, so many were surprised when Ram’s full-sized pickup beat Chevrolet’s Silverado in last month’s sales. Ram pickups overtook the Silverado by selling 285 units more.

Chevrolet is clearly determined to outsell its rival this month, and it plans to do so by offering more incentives to buyers. After the sales results were posted, the company announced that it was extending its March Truck Month promotion into April.

In March, Chevrolet offered customers discounted supplier pricing on its 2014 Silverado pickups. The promotion enabled buyers to reduce the sticker price by as much as $7,541.

This month, Chevrolet is giving customers more opportunity to save on their pickup purchases. In the brand’s Dealer Playbook for April, Chevrolet Vice President Brian Sweeney said that they were giving “an additional $1,000 of bonus cash on light-duty Silverado double cabs.”

On Thursday, Chevrolet announced even more discounts on its consumer website. It was offering savings of up to $8,162 on the light-duty Silverado 1500 and up to $8,974 on the heavy-duty Silverado 2500HD.

However, as Reuters reported, some dealers across the country offered even more incentives than those posted on the Chevrolet website. There are dealerships that give discounts of more than $10,000 on the Silverado.

For instance, Courtesy Chevrolet of Phoenix advertised a 2014 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab for $44,669, which is $10,066 less than the sticker price. Meanwhile, Bob Bell Chevrolet in Baltimore offered a special Internet discount of $10,382 for the 2014 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, dropping the sticker price to $36,743.

Discounts were not limited to the Silverado, though. Some dealers also discounted the popular pickup’s sister model, the GMC Sierra. Salt Lake Valley Buick GMC in Utah offered a 2014 GMC Sierra Double Cab for $37,328, $8,397 less than its sticker price.

The higher discounts are due to GM dealerships adding their own cash to factory discounts. Dealers were compelled to sell more truck units after Ram’s March victory. Automotive News reported that a GM district manager who found Ram’s win incredulous sent an email to dealers, urging them to do their best to get the vehicles off the lot.

“I am asking for YOUR commitment this month TRUCK MONTH to market – promote and sell our Silverado’s [sic]… dress ‘em up on your front line and on your website,” the district manager wrote in the email.

In the same email, there was information for a regional lease offer that makes Silverado’s lease monthly payments at $269 and $1,900 due at signing. This is response to Ram’s advertised monthly lease payment of $259 and $2,999 due at signing.

More incentives for buyers means more spending and less profit for General Motors. However, the automaker is not expected to be hurt too much by its extended promotion, as the full-size pickup market remains one of the most lucrative in the auto industry.

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