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paint restore

How to do repair auto body rust with bondo

Jul 01, 2014No Comments3819 Views

The step by step description was very helpful. We have found that even though we only had a couple of small examples to attempt this

Toothpaste headlight

Headlight Lens Restore using Toothpaste

Jul 01, 2014No Comments3598 Views

This is a very helpful method of removing the oxidation on head lights. If you’re catching the oxidation early this will be an excellent solution

Dissecting Engine

Dissecting an Engine. Understand how your c...

Jun 24, 2014No Comments3119 Views

Thanks to Eric the Car Guy, we can see a break down of all the major components in the engine. This is a must watch


2014 BMW i8 Review

Jun 17, 2014No Comments1823 Views


(Chevy MyLink) 2014 Chevrolet Silverado �...

Jun 12, 2014No Comments1594 Views

Thanks Alex on Autos and

AC leak

How To Find and Repair AC Leaks

Jun 03, 2014No Comments1921 Views

Thanks Eric the Car Guy for the complete break down of the A/C repair. We prefer the UV Die as well.

control arm

How to Replace a Control Arm (upper or lowe...

May 29, 2014No Comments1771 Views

Thank you Chris Fix

power steering flush

DIY – Power Steering Fluid Flush

May 21, 2014No Comments1672 Views

Special Thanks to Chris Fix

Oil stain

DIY – How to Find Fluid Leaks in a Ve...

May 19, 2014No Comments1708 Views

Thanks Car and Driver for this Excellent Video


DIY – Repair – Deep Scratch Rem...

May 12, 2014No Comments1965 Views

Thank you Martin Wright for this great  YouTube video.