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U.S. Senator’s Report Exposes Vulnera...

Feb 10, 2015No Comments1309 Views

The more connected cars become, the more vulnerable they are to hacking. Many people already know this, but it was not until recently that the

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EyeLock Iris Scanners Could Make Ignition S...

Feb 09, 2015No Comments1394 Views

One car component that received a lot of attention last year was ignition switches. This part was in the headlines because of General Motors Co.’s

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CarVi Serves as a Driving Assistant for Old...

Feb 06, 2015No Comments2093 Views

New cars are considered safe because they come equipped with a number of safety technologies, such as driver assistance systems. Gone are the days when

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Ford Partners With German University on Aut...

Feb 05, 2015No Comments1314 Views

On Thursday, Ford Motor Company announced that it will be embarking on a research collaboration with RWTH Aachen University in Germany for the furtherance of

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Uber, Carnegie Mellon to Build Research Lab...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments1386 Views

It is becoming clear that Google and Uber seek to move into each other’s territories. Yesterday, this website reported about Google’s plans to start its

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Google Working on Ride-Hailing Service That...

Feb 03, 2015No Comments3939 Views

In an exclusive report by Bloomberg on Monday, Internet giant Google is reportedly working on a ride-hailing service that will rival similar app-based products like

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BMW Provides Fix for Security Flaw Affectin...

Feb 02, 2015No Comments1264 Views

Last week, the world was again reminded of how vulnerable connected cars are to hacking. BMW revealed that it had found—and fixed—a security problem that

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Germany to Test Self-Driving Cars on Public...

Jan 30, 2015No Comments1411 Views

Many self-driving cars are being tested on public roads, and soon, some will be cruising along high-speed highways. It was recently reported that autonomous cars

Mercedes-Benz erweitert seine LED-Scheinwerfer um ein HIGH RANGE

LEDs Become Carmakers’ Automotive Lig...

Jan 29, 2015No Comments1471 Views

At the recently concluded 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Ford GT and the Acura NSX stood out from the pack. But

DC Fast Charge

BMW, Volkswagen to Build Charging Network

Jan 27, 2015No Comments1412 Views

BMW and Volkswagen aim to encourage U.S. consumers to buy electric vehicles by making sure there are enough places where they can charge their rides.