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Advanced In-Car Features to Watch Out For

Apr 08, 2014No Comments1149 Views

Every once in a while, Continental Automotive invites a number of automotive reporters to its Brimley Development Center to test out the advanced safety technologies

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Microsoft Unveils ‘Windows in the Car...

Apr 07, 2014No Comments1454 Views

Sometime after Apple’s CarPlay was introduced, Microsoft offers the world a glimpse of its rival—Windows in the Car. At its Build 2014 developer conference last

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Connected Cars Bring Together Automotive Su...

Apr 04, 2014No Comments2244 Views

In the past, automotive suppliers could provide everything that automakers needed for their vehicles. It was possible for one company to be the sole source

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Car Tech to Expect from 2015 Models – A P...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1321 Views

The latest in car technology will be rolling out with the 2015 model year vehicles that will be released later this year. These are expected

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Tesla, Other Automakers Want Cameras to Rep...

Apr 02, 2014No Comments1374 Views

Cars have always had side mirrors, but this component may soon be a thing of the past if automakers get their way. Tesla Motors Inc.

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Research Suggests That Hackers May Access T...

Apr 01, 2014No Comments910 Views

Elon Musk and Tesla Motors Inc. may be fighting U.S. auto dealers at present, but they may soon be dealing with another kind of foe—hackers.

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Honda to Test Its Own Car-to-Car Tech Syste...

Mar 31, 2014No Comments997 Views

Honda is the latest car manufacturer to try its hand in the use of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure technology. The Japanese automaker follows other companies in

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Volvo to Launch Flywheel Tech After 2020

Mar 28, 2014No Comments1297 Views

2020 is still a couple of years away, but Volvo has already given car and car tech enthusiasts something to look forward to when the

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2014 Audi TT Delivers the Best Car Tech Yet

Mar 27, 2014No Comments1239 Views

The 2014 Audi TT’s exterior looks amazing. The third-generation TT coupe has a familiar design, though it sports a more masculine look. As stunning as

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Get Ready for a More High-Tech Ford Mustang

Mar 26, 2014No Comments983 Views

The newest version of the Ford Mustang is made more high-tech to improve its global appeal. The classic American car gets a redesign as well