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NanoFLOWCELL to Unveil Two Concepts in Gene...

Feb 25, 2015No Comments1652 Views

The 2015 Geneva International Motor Show is happening next week, and many car enthusiasts are already excited to see what major automakers have in store

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Porsche Classic Brings Modern Technology to...

Feb 24, 2015No Comments1466 Views

One reason why classic cars remain appealing to this day is that these are reminiscent of old times when life was much simpler. The timeless

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Volvo to Put 100 Self-Driving Cars on Gothe...

Feb 23, 2015No Comments1566 Views

The future where self-driving cars cruise public roads will come sooner than later. Volvo announced last week that it is pushing through with its Drive

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BMW Introduces Water Injection Technology o...

Feb 20, 2015No Comments1722 Views

BMW and Dorna Sports have been partners since 1999. The former’s M Division provides the official safety car of the latter’s MotoGP motorcycling races—the M4.

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Sony Gets Bitten by Self-Driving Car Bug

Feb 18, 2015No Comments1539 Views

Another company has jumped on the self-driving car bandwagon. Just like Google and Apple, it seems like Sony is also interested to be a part

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TRW Debuts New Airbag Technologies for Rear...

Feb 17, 2015No Comments2480 Views

While airbags were created to save the lives of all vehicle occupants, most of the technologies available today were designed specifically for front-seat passengers. TRW

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Innovative Paint Technology Makes a Nissan ...

Feb 16, 2015No Comments1437 Views

The Nissan Leaf may not have a 200-mile range, but it boasts something a Tesla Model S cannot—glow-in-the-dark paint. Nissan turned the Leaf into a

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Ford’s New Stability Control Technolo...

Feb 13, 2015No Comments1264 Views

Why should you buy the 2015 Ford Focus? Ford Motor Co. gives one good reason to consider buying the compact car and this is the

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Apple Could Have a Car in the Works

Feb 12, 2015No Comments1468 Views

By now, almost everyone is aware that Google is working on a self-driving car. Many people have seen the cute prototype that seats two and

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Hella’s Body Panel Technology Alerts ...

Feb 11, 2015No Comments1850 Views

For people who love their cars, there is probably nothing more infuriating than finding one’s vehicle dented or scratched. These people put in time and